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Plan the Perfect Vacation Getaway: Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

Vacations should be a time for relaxation and solitude. Everything should be easy and stressless. However, in some cases vacations can turn into stressful times away from home. In an effort to make your next vacation as stress free as possible, try following these simple steps to a stress free vacation.

First off, make sure you have planned your vacation well. Most stressful vacation scenarios arise because of reservations that have fallen through, flights that have been cancelled, or baggage that has been misplaced. To avoid situations such as these make sure to plan ahead as well as possible. Make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to take care of checking in, getting through security and getting to your flight's gate before your flight takes off. Most airports have lounges and restaurants where passengers can relax and wait for their flight if they are early, so do not stress if you have extra time. Take this time to sit back, have a drink and kick your vacation off early.

Be sure to relax and remember that you are on vacation. If you are a person easily upset by small things try extra hard to let them go while on vacation. If it takes a little extra time at the airport check-in desk or your bag is the last to come out at the baggage claim area, do not get stressed out. Instead, take a deep breath and try to enjoy every minute of your vacation, even if it is currently being spent at the airport. You have probably planned the trip for months beforehand so try to relax and enjoy all the hard work you have put in.

Do not let your kids get to you. Children can be anxious when it comes to vacations - especially on the way there. Choruses of "are we there yet?" can sometimes drive parents right over the edge before the fun-filled family vacation even begins. Make sure to pack plenty of activities to keep your kids occupied during the trip to your vacation destination and even during downtime. Some children may expect 24-hour entertainment while on vacation. But as many parents know, spending a few hours in the hotel room is not always a bad thing. Just make sure you always have something to fill the hands of a bored child.

Do not worry about things back home. For some people, leaving their homes can be a stressful move to make. However, planning to have someone stop by the house each day and check on things while you are gone might put your mind at ease. Just keep in mind that nothing bad will happen while you are gone and you have a reliable person who you trust, house sitting your home until you return. And be sure to get your job off your mind during your trip as well. Before leaving make sure you have designated someone to help take over your work while you are gone. By planning well you can avoid having to worry about piles of work waiting for you upon your return.

When you are planning your vacation make sure not to schedule too many activities into one day. Although it is tempting to see as much as possible while on vacation, you should keep in mind that you do not want to tire yourself out after one day. Chances are you will have plenty of time to see all the attractions you really want to see so why not narrow things down a bit. If you have too much on your plate try rating your activities in order of what you want to do most. Chances are the items at the bottom of the list can be scratched off or put off until a later trip. You never know, you might end up having time to squeeze a few extra attractions in to your vacation - but do not get stressed out if you can not find time for everything.

Last but not least try not to overwork yourself right before your trip. Try to slow things down a day or two before your departure so you are not too tired to enjoy your trip. You do want to relax but you do not want to spend the entire vacation sleeping in your hotel room either.