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Plan Your Cruise

A cruise can be an exhilarating vacation unlike any other. Imagine waking up in the middle of the ocean on a floating resort. The views are spectacular and your every desire is met. However, planning a cruise can be an arduous process. But rest assured that once you have planned your cruise vacation, you will have little else to worry about. Once you step on board the boat, you will have nothing to do but sit back and relax.

The first step to planning your cruise is to decide where you want to cruise to. Nowadays you can cruise to almost any destination that is located on the ocean. Caribbean cruises are typically the most popular but other cruises have become popular as well in the past years, such as Alaskan cruises. Make sure to book your cruise early, as many cruise lines book up as the cruise gets closer. Finding a travel agent who has experience booking cruises can help you in your cruise booking process. If you have little or no experience planning a cruise then an experienced travel agent will provide insight and make sure you get the best deals possible. You can work together with your travel agent to make sure that you get the best mix of their experience and qualifications and the expectations you have for your cruise.

After deciding on a destination, the next step is to select a cruise line. There are a number of options so your best bet will be to do research on this. Check out a number of cruise lines and view the amenities that they offer to their guests. It also might be a good idea to talk to people you know who have taken a cruise to find out how they liked the cruise line they traveled on. Find out which lines offer cruises to the place you want to go during the time of year which you want to travel in. Decide which amenities are most important to you such as, pools, clubs, live entertainment, and find a cruise line that offers what you are looking for.

Once you have selected your cruise line you will be able to select the cruise you wish to travel on. New ships are constantly being made so you may even have the option of cruising on a ship's first ever journey. However, one important thing to take into consideration is the length of the cruise. If Carnival Cruises offers a cruise to the Caribbean in December and that is what you are looking for then it may seem perfect. However, if the cruise is for seven days and you can only go for five, it will not work.
Once you have chosen your cruise line and selected the cruise on which you will travel, you can select a room. Different rooms are in different locations on the ship, so select carefully. If you want a porthole in your room, be sure to select a room on the floor where the portholes are available. Keep in mind that if upgrades are available at the time of the cruise they will go to people who frequently travel on the cruise line first.

Once you are booked on the cruise line, you will be shown other options available to passengers, such as shore excursions. Many cruises dock for a day or two in port cities along the way. During these stays the cruise line offers off-ship activities that passengers can take part in. Snorkeling, hiking, and guided tours are just a few of the possible activities that cruise lines will make available to you and other passengers. However, keep in mind that these excursions have limited spots available and often fill up quickly. To ensure that you are able to participate in the activities you want to participate in, sign up as early as possible. Onshore excursions typically cost some money to participate in but they usually do not run over $20 per trip.

If you talk to people who have taken cruises before, you will find out that cruise vacations are some of the most fun vacations out there. If you plan well, yours can be too. Although it takes a lot of planning and a lot of time, you will likely be rewarded in the end with your perfect cruise vacation.