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Top 5 International Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a wedding can bring countless decisions that need to be made. What will be served at the reception? What song will be played for the couple's first dance? What color dresses will the bridesmaids wear? But one decision that will unquestionably reap benefits is deciding on an international honeymoon destination. An international honeymoon destination brings a relaxing, enjoyable end to all the work that has gone into planning the wedding over the previous months. It is a time to lie back and enjoy being with the one person who means the most to you. Choosing the right international honeymoon destination for you and your new spouse can make for the most memorable vacation of your life.

1. While planning your international honeymoon destination you will undoubtedly find limitless international honeymoon destinations around the world. Perhaps no other international honeymoon destination provides the scenery and diversity of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is a popular choice for countless honeymooners from around the world, offering pristine beaches, tropical scenery and wide variety of foods, activities and tourist spots to keep you busy. By exploring the islands of Hawaii, guests will enjoy discovering serene waterfalls and spectacular views of the beautiful beaches that lace the outskirts of the islands.

2. Perhaps one of the most romantic Hawaiian pastimes comes in the form of watching a sunset with your new spouse. For the active couple, Hawaii offers a number of top golf courses that honeymooners can enjoy. Schedule a tee-time and play a round of golf in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Spend time in the sauna or sit by the pool, play a game of tennis or attend a Hawaiian luau. The options are endless on the islands.

3. Another top international honeymoon destination is found on the southern coast of Europe. Italy has long been regarded as one of the most popular honeymoon spots in the world. Located on the Mediterranean Sea but spanning north to the Alps mountain range, Italy offers both coastal charm and snow capped mountains. There are a number of major cities worth visiting in Italy which is why it might be of interest to spend a day or two in a number of cities, rather than limiting your trip to only one. Rome offers a number of bus tours and walking tours that allow you to take in some ancient historical landmarks. Enjoy the Roman ruins, Baroque fountains and even visit the Vatican. At night, enjoy some authentic Italian food and take a gondola ride down the Tiber River. To the north, the cities of Venice and Milan offer classic architecture and spectacular landscape. The city of Florence, located between Venice and Rome offers breathtaking art galleries and hospitable accommodations.

3. If a tropical international honeymoon destination is what you are looking for, Tahiti might be your best bet. Located in South Seas, the Polynesian island of Tahiti offers palm trees, endless beaches, and a sense of paradise. The town of Papeete offers a number of boutiques, cafes and shops where you can find the perfect memento of your island vacation. Take an island cruise through the islands of French Polynesia or go scuba diving through the coral reefs deep below the ocean surface. You will find that there is plenty to discover on your international honeymoon destination - Tahiti.

4. Located east of the British Virgin Islands, lies the small British isle of Anguilla. Anguilla offers a low key, relaxing trip for honeymooners looking for a beautiful spot to kick back and enjoy their surroundings. Anguilla offers hospitable international honeymoon destination accommodations, flawless beaches that you would only find in the Caribbean, and number of delectable restaurants where anyone will find the perfect dish. The small island offers a great chance to take in a spectacular sunset over the crystal clear water.

5. Where can you find views of mountain peaks standing tall over islands surrounded by crystal blue ocean water? The Fiji Islands, located in the South Pacific, are one of the most picturesque destinations in the world. One of the most appealing characteristics of Fiji is the option of being alone with your spouse on a private island for the day. The private Fiji Island escape allows you to reserve an island for the day. Frolic on the beach, enjoy a picnic lunch and watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Nothing will be better or more memorable than spending a day on your own island - a perfect interational honeymoon destination.