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Amtrak: A New Adventure in Train Travel

One of the emerging methods of travel in the United States in recent years has been around for over a century - the railroad. Amtrak, the leading railroad for personal travel, has made great strides in providing fast and convenient train travel for millions of customers each year. With over thirty routes throughout the Unites States and Canada, why not travel by train to your next vacation destination. Traveling on an Amtrak train travel line can provide you and your family with a ride to remember. The great service and excellent accommodations provide a wonderful start to your vacation.

During your travel by train, you will likely find that traveling by train is far easier than traveling by car or plane. Although train travel may take longer than flying in an airplane, you also get to take in sights along the way. For people who are afraid of flying, trains provide the perfect option.

Amtrak trains also offers something airplanes do not - private rooms for long trips. On most Amtrak train travel trips that span through the night, trains are used that feature private suites for those who choose to purchase them. Inside you will find a bed and accommodations that will remind you more of a hotel room than train travel. Suites can be purchased to sleep up to four adults, a great convenience for those who find it hard to fall asleep sitting up.

Given the fact that trains are much larger than airplanes, you are typically allowed to bring more luggage with you on a train journey than you are on an airplane. Amtrak's baggage guidelines allow passengers to carry on two bags and check up to three pieces of baggage. Most Amtrak train travel lines will also allow you to bring bicycles on board. As is standard with airplane travel, baggage exceeding fifty pounds is not permitted onboard and all baggage must pass through security checks before being placed on board the train for the train journey. There are also a number of prohibited items, including firearms, explosives, weapons, flammable material, and corrosive chemicals. Security at train travel stations is often just as tight as it is at airports, so have no fears over your safety aboard the train. Given that the train is limited to staying on its tracks, there is little chance of high jacking.

Like airplanes, Amtrak trains offer both coach and business class seating. On some Amtrak train lines, including Acela Express and Metroliner, business class is the lowest option for seating. These lines offer first class seating as well which is considered a step above business class. If you are looking to save money, try not to book your train travel on these lines.

If you are traveling with young children a train journey may be the perfect choice of travel. Although the train travel trip will be longer than flying on a plane, the train offers the child many more features to keep them occupied. Many train lines travel through a number of major cities en route to their destination. In doing this passengers are given full views of surrounding areas and any sights that may be in close distance to the train. This can be exciting for young children to see. The train also offers a dining car that passengers are able to walk to during its hours of operation. Set up like a restaurant, the dining car offers everything from meals to simple snacks like a bag of chips. Taking a walk to the dining car for a snack can be the perfect time filler for a young child.

If you travel on a train and decide that it is the best method of travel for you, you have the option of enrolling in the Amtrak Rewards program. Through the program frequent Amtrak travelers are able to earn reward points for miles they travel on Amtrak. Like frequent flier programs, the Amtrak Rewards program rewards frequent passengers with points that can be redeemed for tickets, gift certificates, merchandise, and, given partnerships, even airline miles.

When planning your next trip why not try a train journey? It can be a great experience and a fun trip for you and your family. You will most likely find that a train travel trip on Amtrak is well worth your money.